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Our Sphynx kitties are spoiled.

Our Sphynx kittens are raised around kids and canines. They occupy our residence and slept in our beds. They have been held, rocked, and cuddled every day since they were very young. Each Sphynx kitten gets a daily body massage starting at the age of four weeks. To do this, place the kitten on its back and begin stroking its body from the ears outward. The Sphinx kitten is a limp little purring lump of joy by the time we have moved from the head, to the neck, to the back, and then the hind paws. Our Sphynx kittens for Sale are incredibly well-socialized and loving little beings when they leave our home.


The Fel-D1 glycoprotein, which is a protein that is only naturally produced by cats, is the cause of most cat allergies. The air in your home may include these microscopic particles, which are even smaller than dust. Sphynx cats produce less Fel-D1 than other cat breeds, which results in less allergic responses.

Every one of our adult cats is tested for the amount of Fel-D1 they produce, and our cat breeding program is based solely on the cats with the lowest amounts.

The definition of hypoallergenic Kittens

Hypo implies "below normal" or "just a little bit." Items that induce allergic reactions or are said to cause fewer allergic reactions are referred to as "hypoallergenic." However, compared to other members of their species, hypoallergenic pets create fewer allergens.

Our success rate in placing candidates is greater than 95%, while we do not profess to be everyone's ideal solution.

Sphynx Kitten Adoption

You get the following when you adopt a Sphynx cat or kitten from us:

A straightforward agreement created primarily to safeguard our cats' and kittens' welfare.

a no-questions-asked, two-week return period to guarantee your total satisfaction.

comprehensive assurance of health

An age-appropriate and current health book that lists every vaccination.

Our veterinarian's certificate of sterilization


20-page pamphlet on caring for kittens that includes information on managing allergies.

You can get in touch with us via email, phone, text, or Facebook since we provide lifetime support and coaching. CONTACT US

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